A Voice in Congress for Hawaiian Values – Education, Prosperity, and Lower Taxes. 
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The Issues that Matter for Hawaii

Books and appleImproving Education for our Children

The future of both our state and the nation are dependent on the quality of education we can offer our children.

And yet, bureaucrats in Washington have more control over what is in our schools than ever. I will work to return control of education to where it belongs–with the parents, the community, and the good and dedicated teachers of our state. As Hawaii’s Senator, I will fight federal encroachment on the rights of parents and the independence of our schools.

From Pono Choices to the Common Core Curriculum, we have witnessed more and more efforts to substitute indoctrination for achievement. This is unacceptable. I pledge to oppose all such initiatives while promoting education reform that provides new and innovative opportunities for Hawaii’s students.

Lowering Our Cost of Living

Hawaii is notorious for being an expensive place to live and do business. Other politicians pretend that this is just a fact of life. Not true. I favor bold change that will make a real difference in the household budget of every working family in our state.

  • Lower taxes.
  • Jones Act reform.
  • A sensible energy policy.
  • Bring new industry to our state.
  • Strengthening the tourism industry.

For too long, Hawaii’s representatives in Congress have been beholden to special interests that benefit from our isolation and high cost of living. A strong, principled approach is all that is required to effect real change.

A Prosperous Hawaii

Government spending run amok. Higher taxes. Increased regulations on business. My opponents favor policies that will maintain the status quo and cost our state jobs and opportunity.

As a small businessman, I understand the many barriers that act as a drag on success and innovation in our state. As Senator, I will work to promote innovation and industry, and will do everything I can to help Hawaii’s economy thrive.

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