2014 July 29 A Deep Dedication to Community

A Deep Dedication to Community

Some politicians want power or influence. But every once in awhile, you’ll find someone who just wants to protect and improve the community that they love. As anyone who knows Cam can tell you, he has always been dedicated to doing everything he can to help his neighbors, and without thought of reward. We didn’t even know about this particular story until it was sent to us by Natasha, one of our readers. (Have your own story of Cam’s help for your community? Share it with us!)

When I was a Junior at Kamehameha (1986), I lived in Waimanalo. My younger siblings all attended Waimanalo Elementary & Intermediate. 

Anyways, my English Writing Teacher gave us an assignment to write to government officials at all levels. The most memorable people I wrote to was Nancy Reagan and Cam Cavasso. Why? Because they actually responded to my letters! I wrote to Mrs. Reagan about her “Just Say No” program and I received an letter of response on official White House stationary-pretty cool, I thought.

I also received a letter of response from Cam Cavasso BUT what blew my mind was the ACTION he took after receiving my letter.

You see, I wrote to him about how bad I felt for the students of Waimanalo Elementary & Intermediate. I would pass their campus every morning to school and every afternoon on my way back home. The entire campus had brown, overgrown grass and paint peeling off the walls. I felt guilty about having a beautiful school when my siblings didn’t.

Well, about a month later, I totally forgot my letter when my little sister came home and announced to our whole family that there were all these improvements being done at their school because someone had written a letter to Cam Cavasso!!!

I was like, “THAT WAS ME!!!” Of course, no one believed me until I showed them my letter of response from Cam. 

Because of this, I have always had the deepest respect for Cam Cavasso. I mean, at the time that I wrote the letter, I was only 17 years old-I couldn’t vote for him, I couldn’t donate money to support his campaign. Heck! I don’t even remember if it was an election year or not. 

All I knew was Cam Cavasso listened to and genuinely cared about my concern. He put his money where his mouth was! And, TRUST ME, now that I DO vote, I’m voting for Cam!!!

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