2014 September 09 Obama Should Act Now to Deal with ISIS

Obama Should Act Now to Deal with ISIS

President Obama’s strategy to deal with ISIS/ISIL, set to be unveiled tomorrow, is expected to include a bombing campaign in both Iraq and Syria, and the sending of U.S. and coalition countries’ advisors to train the Kurdish and the Iraqi troops. It is expected that the strategy will take place over a period of 36 months.

GOP Candidate for U.S. Senate, Cam Cavasso believes the U.S. should act now to deal with the ISIS/ISIL threat. Cam Cavasso stated today, “ISIS is a real threat to the U.S., other western countries and to people in the Iraq and Syria regions. When mothers, fathers, young girls and children in the region are being killed or kidnapped on a daily basis then ISIS is a real threat and we should deal swiftly and smartly with the violent and radical jihadists. When ISIS murders our citizens in cold blood and threatens action against the U.S. and other western countries, and they have the resources to carry out their threats, the President should swiftly and immediately act to neutralize the threat and protect U.S. citizens. 36 months is just too long to deal with ISIS and it leaves us vulnerable.”

“Hawaii has significant strategic assets. The White House’s failure to act is making these assets more vulnerable. President Obama should act now to free Hawaii and the mainland U.S. from the threat of ISIS.” explains Cavasso

Cavasso adds “When reporting or commenting on the violent murders of our two U.S. citizens, I respectfully call upon all the media and government officials to call the video acts of ISIS “murders” and not “executions” as the word “execution” denotes a legal penalty or sentence, and that is not what ISIS is doing. What ISIS is doing is cold blooded murder and genocide. Too often I see the word “execution”[1] used to describe the beheadings of our journalists and the killer is being referred to as an “executioner”.[2]  Why? Maybe because he is all dressed in black with a balaclava on, and hiding his face. But he is not an execution, he is a murderer. I would also add a reminder that ISIS has a propaganda campaign for recruitment ongoing and using such words as “execution” or “executioner” to describe ISIS acts only empowers this radical group.”


1 http://blogs.cfr.org/davidson/2014/09/03/with-release-of-steven-sotloff-execution-footage-isis-begins-to-show-desperation/

2 http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/09/03/us-iraq-crisis-islamicstate-video-idUSKBN0GX20R20140903

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