2014 September 17 Paychecks Hawaii Endorses Cavasso
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Paychecks Hawaii Endorses Cavasso

U.S. Senate Candidate Cam Cavasso was today endorsed by Paychecks Hawaii.  Paychecks Hawaii is a private, non-partisan, independent, political action affiliate of Smart Business Hawaii (SBH).  It was founded in 1984 by Lex Brodie.  The endorsement was indicated under the heading of “Advocacy to Improve Hawaii’s Business Climate and Entrepreneurial Choices.”

Cam Cavasso stated today:  “I am very privileged and humbled to receive the endorsement from the long running Paychecks Hawaii.  I believe the one party rule in Hawaii has led to high taxes and high cost of living.  Businesses in Hawaii find it hard to survive under such burdensome conditions.  I will work hard to improve Hawaii’s business climate and lower the cost of living for all.”

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