2014 September 29 The 2014 Elections are all about the Cost of Living in Hawaii
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The 2014 Elections are all about the Cost of Living in Hawaii

When Senator Schatz says “I fully support the Jones Act” it means YOU pay more every day.”

In the latest figures, released August 2014, covering the first half year period of 2014, the monthly out of pocket expenses for groceries has increased $130.80 for low income Hawaiian families of four when compared with the same six months of 2013 according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).[1]   In the first six months of 2014, Hawaiian families paid $6528 for groceries, while people living on the mainland paid $3,854.30, therefore, Hawaiian residents continue to pay over 69% more than people on the U.S. mainland for food.[2]

For the same six month period in 2013 Hawaiians paid $6397 for groceries, and over the entire year of 2013 low income Hawaiian families of four paid $5074 more out of pocket than mainland residents for groceries.[3]

Additional costs for Hawaii residents don’t stop there.  Rents for a two bedroom apartment in Hawaii are approximately 57% higher than on the mainland.  The average two bedroom on the mainland rents for $905 per month, but in Hawaii a two bedroom average rent is $1414 per month.[4]

The average family household in Hawaii spends 12% of their income on food and 25% of their income on rent, while on the mainland an average family spends only 9% of their income on food and 20% of their income on rent.[5]

Utilities in Hawaii are also the highest in the nation costing 38.66 cents per kilowatt in June 2014 up from 37.04 cents in June 2013.[6]  On the mainland electricity went down with averages of 14.82 cents in June 2013 to 14.58 cents in June 2014. Most states are around 10 -12 cents per kilowatt.  While it is difficult to find published statistical data on costs of water and sewer, as far back as 2003 the average annual cost of water and waste water service for a household on the U.S. mainland was $484 per year, while in Hawaii the average was $721.[7]

U.S. Senate Candidate Cam Cavasso believes the cost of living is just too high in Hawaii and the democrat super majority continue to do nothing to deal with it.  Cam Cavasso stated today“The average household cannot continue to pay these rising costs just to survive. The toll on the families living in Hawaii is just too high and it breaks down families when parents have to work two or three jobs just to get by.  The problem is that democrats just keep pushing the real issues aside and distracting us from what is important.  What is important is looking after the average Hawaiian, and not your big buddies.

“It is not good enough, or even true, for Schatz to blame the high cost of living in Hawaii on Hawaii not generating enough electricity because we do generate all of our own electricity here in the islands.[8] When Schatz also alleges that the high cost of living is also because we do not generate enough of our own food it is misleading.[9] The high cost of living is mainly a result of high transportation costs and high fuel costs. The transportation of fuel costs more because of the Jones Act ship-build requirement. Transportation of goods costs more because of the Jones Act ship-build requirement.     You cannot pay up to 10 times more for freight and conclude that the freight cost does not affect prices of goods in Hawaii or our ability to compete in other markets.[10]  When Senator Schatz said “I fully support the Jones Act”[11], it means he intends that you will continue to pay more every day.” explains Cam  

Cam added “What is needed for Hawaii is someone willing to talk straight to people about the important issues.  What is needed for Hawaii is someone to look out for people, our kapuna, and our families.  I will do that, I will fight for Hawaii, and I’m more than willing to work on the serious issues no matter how hard they may be.”

Statistic HI USA mainland Source Link
Median Household Income $67,492 $53,046 US Census http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/15000.html
Persons per household 2.95 2.61 US Census  http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/15000.html
Median Rent (annualized) $16,968 $10,860 Census ACS Survey 2013 http://www.deptofnumbers.com/rent/hawaii/
Household Groceries (Fam of 2; annualized) $7,770 $4,679 USDA Thrifty Food Plan (August, 2014) http://www.cnpp.usda.gov/USDAFoodPlansCostofFood/reports
Household Groceries (Fam of 4 – 2013) $12,885 7606.80 USDA Thrifty Food Plan (August, 2013) http://www.cnpp.usda.gov/USDAFoodPlansCostofFood/reports
Household Groceries (Fam of 4 – 2000) 7811 $4519 USDA Thrifty Food Plan (August, 2000) http://www.cnpp.usda.gov/USDAFoodPlansCostofFood/reports
Median Rent as a % of Median Household Income 25% 20%
Household Groceries as a % of Median Household Income 12% 9%
Cost of electricity (June 2014) 38.66 cents/kw 14.58 cents/kw Energy Institute of America http://www.eia.gov/electricity/monthly/epm_table_grapher.cfm?t=epmt_5_6_a
Cost of electricity (June 2013) 37.04 cents/kw 14.82 cents/kw Energy Institute of America
Cost of Water  per annum(2003) 721 $484 EPA citing to National Rural Water Association http://www.nrwa.org/benefits/whitepapers/afford/afford04/Database/appendix.pdf; http://water.epa.gov/infrastructure/sustain/Water-and-Wastewater-Pricing-Introduction.cfm



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