2014 October 07 Senator Schatz Avoids Debates in the 2014 General Election
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Senator Schatz Avoids Debates in the 2014 General Election

Senator and candidate Brian Schatz has been avoiding debates and candidate forums.  In the last month Senator Brian Schatz has failed to respond to requests to attend candidate forums and debates.  Requests to the Schatz campaign have been made by Hawaii Public Radio, a Hawaii community group and by U.S. Senate Candidate Cam Cavasso.  The latter made his request by letter, hand delivered to the Schatz campaign on September 24, 2014.  It is understood the other requests have been made direct to the Schatz campaign.  To date, Brian Schatz and the Schatz campaign has failed to respond to these requests.”

Cam Cavasso says “I think Brian Schatz believes that if he hides himself away, doesn’t open himself up to scrutiny and doesn’t engage, he may win the Senate seat from a default position.  I believe his strategy may backfire on him as he is disrespecting the people of Hawaii.  I also believe Schatz is afraid to explain to the people why he fully supports the Jones Act which is the major reason for our high food and goods prices in Hawaii. It is also possible he wants to avoid people comparing him to Governor Abercrombie, being he worked closely with Abercrombie and he is Abercrombie’s appointee. I also believe he has taken a leaf out of the Obama administration’s tactics and is avoiding participating in something when he can’t fully control the message, as this way Schatz controls the media output, because all they get is what Schatz releases to media in a controlled written statement.”

At this time, there are no debates or community forums scheduled where the two U.S. Senate candidates will go head to head.  Cavasso adds “I believe Schatz’s avoidance of debates and candidate forums is a form of contempt and arrogance towards the people of Hawaii.  It is time for people to be informed on the candidates’ positions, particularly so because the U.S. Senate seat is the most senior position up for election in this general election cycle. ”

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