2014 October 13 U.S. Senate Candidate Cam Cavasso’s Advertising Spots Start Today

U.S. Senate Candidate Cam Cavasso’s Advertising Spots Start Today

U.S. Senate Candidate Cam Canvass starts his television advertising campaign today.  Cam’s advertising centers around the high cost of living in Hawaii and the lack of viable solutions to this problem by the democrats.  This initial campaign contains two advertisements:



U.S. Senate Candidate Cam Cavasso says “I am releasing my advertising campaign today on Hawaii television. Is important the people in Hawaii to know that if they vote for me they will get real solutions to their high cost of living.  One single bill passed into law could make all the difference in Hawaii and lower the cost of living.  My opponent is avoiding debating me.  Schatz is hiding from me and from the people of Hawaii in this lead up to the general election because he doesn’t want people to realize that he will keep the oppressive Jones Act in place, in full with no Hawaii exemption, thereby raising the cost of living and strangling Hawaii, its people and its businesses.   Schatz, his mentor Governor Abercrombie, and his fellow democrats are on the wrong track on this and many other issues.  My television spots contrast the issues for the people of Hawaii so they know the truth about where the candidates stand.   My position is simple:  Elect me and I will work for the people of Hawaii and not special interests.”

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