2014 October 17 Senate Candidate Cam Cavasso Announces Self Imposed Term Limit
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Senate Candidate Cam Cavasso Announces Self Imposed Term Limit

Calls for a return to “Citizen Legislators”

U.S. Senate Candidate Cam Cavasso today announced that he would limit his term in office if elected. “I will finish the two remaining years of Daniel Inouye’s term, and then, if re-elected, serve just one more term as a U.S. Senator. After that, it would be time to turn the position back to the people and to new ideas”, said Cavasso.

Candidate Cavasso made in his announcement in keeping with his strong constitutional principles and his belief in staying true to the ideals of the founding fathers. “We were never meant to be a nation ruled by an elitist class of professional politicians”, stated Cavasso. “Our founding fathers envisioned citizen legislators who came from the people, represented the people and stayed in touch with the people. I believe we have a great disconnect between Washington DC’s Federal Government and the people – especially here in Hawaii. We need to fix that, and the only way is by returning to the idea of sending normal citizens to Washington…and letting them come home again, too!

I also believe the old patronage system is broken. Washington is highly partisan. Both parties are at fault for that. If you don’t belong to the majority party it doesn’t matter how long you have been there, you don’t have a voice. So we need to stop relying on professional politicians whose primary interest is their party and their position in Washington and start relying on people who are in touch with what is wanted and needed here in Hawaii. That’s why I will limit my terms”, finished Cam.


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