2014 October 18 Is It Time to Send a Message to the Mainland?

Is It Time to Send a Message to the Mainland?

Living in Hawaii, you sometimes wonder whether those on the mainland really understand the issues that shape our life … and our elections. This week, in the Hawaii Reporter, there is a fantastic article by Tisha Panter exploring just this issue. Tisha is the Senior Counsel and Director of the Senate Minority Research Office, and she raises some important questions that all voters this year should ponder. Read an excerpt of her article below or go here to read it in full on Hawaii Reporter.

Why have the national Republicans forgotten about Hawaii?

BY TISHA PANTER – Hawaii is moving closer to becoming a perfect storm for a change of power from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party because of a beginning of the recognition of an unnecessary man made high cost of living in Hawaii.

A high cost of living perpetuated by a coalition of three: the democrats; a privatized utility company; and, the shipping companies’ and their high shipping rates.

Why then, have the national republicans and national and state news coverages forgotten about the U.S. Senate race in Hawaii?  Is it they don’t know about the struggle of Hawaii residents to live?

Do they not know Hawaii residents are paying 69% more for food or 300% the cost most Americans pay for electricity?

Do they not realize that it costs around $8,700 to get a container of goods to Hawaii from the mainland, and on the same ship but traveling further along the route to Shanghai, the Chinese pay less one-tenth of that at around $790 per container?

Do they not know that many people are working two to three jobs to live or two or three families are living in one three bedroom home?  Do the national Republicans not understand that the democrat machine in Hawaii is ready and waiting to be crushed with a well-executed and cohesive campaign?

On Sunday, Mike Wallace, Fox News Sunday, displayed a list of the most likely to least likely states to move from an elected democrat to become a republican held seat in the U.S. Senate.  Hawaii wasn’t mentioned despite there being a democrat appointed incumbent and a Republican challenger.

It is similar on all national cable stations and even in Hawaii on local news stations.  The poll for the U.S. Senate race is not even available on the drop down box on the website of Real Clear Politics.  It is like the race doesn’t exist.

Have a couple of polls had such an effect that national republicans are unwilling to even see the growing disenchantment with the democrats in Hawaii and Hawaii’s senate race remains almost completely ignored?  And have the republicans missed an opportunity to gain a Senate seat that could have been up for grabs in this election?

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