2014 October 21 Where are the Debates in the Senate Race?

Where are the Debates in the Senate Race?

Where are the debates in the U.S. Senate Race for Hawaii?  Senator Brian Schatz is refusing to debate his republican challenger, U.S. Senate Candidate Cam Cavasso.  Cavasso has released this attached video wondering if Senator Brian Schatz is in fact ill because there has been no sight of him.

So far, the Cavasso campaign is aware that the following groups and organizations are just a few who have invited the U.S. Senate candidates to participate in debates and forum, and candidate Brian Schatz has either pulled out, refused, or has completely ignored the requests:

1.  Maunawilil Elem – Kailua Com Assoc Candidate forum October 8, 2014

2.  Neighborhood Board 8 Makiki, McCully, Moillii candidate forum Oct 2, 2014

3.  Inspire Church Millilani candidate forum Oct 9, 2014

4.  Hawaii Public Radio

At this time, the Cavasso Campaign is also unsure whether Senator Schatz will bother showing up at the candidates forum on Saturday October 25, 2014, at the New Empress Restaurant, where candidates will be addressing issues for our Hawaii Chinese community groups.

Cam Cavasso says “Where are the debates in the Senate race? I am baffled as to why the press is not calling out Schatz for hiding from debates and forums.  This is a time when there are many important national events occurring including issues on foreign policy in Iraq and Syria, health including cases of Ebola and a failing insurance exchange, finances including a large national debt and a high cost of living, social security issues including social security and disability funds that are fast running out, and political gridlock in our nation’s capitol.  Although community groups are asking the candidates repeatedly to debate or contrast their issues at the same venue or through the same forum it is to no avail because Schatz refuses to engage.  Strangely, almost no-one in the press is asking the U.S. Senate candidates how they differ or where they stand on the important issues.  The U.S. Senate seat is our most senior elected official on the federal level the press are ignoring that many people in Hawaii want to know what the candidates plan to do to help them.”

Cavasso added “For a press that decries big dollars on a regular basis, I would like to know whether it is, in fact, the situation that someone has to spend millions of dollars on advertising for their positions on the issues to be heard in a U.S. Senate race, or is it the position of the press that it is truly not newsworthy that a Senator, a candidate, a person vying for our highest elected position in Hawaii is holing up, out of sight, and hiding from debates and forums for the U.S. Senate race.  Senator Schatz should be ashamed of himself for running a race with such a lack of transparency and avoidance of debate…but I suppose he’s been taught by the best at avoiding being put on the spot and exhibiting an annoyance at being disagreed with, namely his close colleagues Governor Abercrombie and President Obama.”


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