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Aloha. I am a small businessman and started my business when I was fourteen years old and have passed it on to my son who still runs it today. This family business has evolved into a hybrid turf grass farm and erosion control company which is part of my small farm in Waimanalo. I have also been a veteran financial advisor for MassMutual Financial Group for almost 30 years. In addition to my regular farming and financial advising I have had the honor and privilege of representing Windward Oʻahu District 51 for three terms in the Hawaii State legislature.

During my young adult years, I lived in Japan as a foreign exchange student. I joined the United States Army, eventually being promoted to Captain and was stationed in Europe. My great grandfather, Frank Davey, was a well known photographer who served the royalty in the Hawaiian Kingdom in the late 1800’s.

Growing up with a Republican dad and a Democrat mom made dinners and other occasions quite interesting. Because of this I have learned the importance of bipartisanship and making decisions based on facts, values, and principles rather than on emotion and pressure from others.

As a constitutional and fiscal conservative, I believe that individuals, not government, are best at bringing solutions and creating opportunity.  The most serious threats to the security of our nation today are not external, but internal such as: the ever increasing national debt, uncontrolled spending, and government’s deliberate intrusion of our privacy and numerous violations of our rights and freedoms granted in the United States Constitution.

When our nation was founded there were only two laws in the constitution that were given to the federal government. Now there are over four thousand federal laws and an ever growing federal government that usurps Hawaii and other State’s rights.

Our government must operate its financial house like its citizens run their family budgets not like drunken sailors (no offense to the sailors). Families are balanced and spend responsibly within their means, so should our government.

I believe that if our government is to be a government “by the people, for the people,” the public interest is best served when government transparency is made an absolute priority in matters of government financial activity.

Without an immediate and dramatic change of course in our nation, our children will not have a bright, successful, prosperous future.

The government is responsible to its citizens—not the other way around.  And National defense issues require peacemaking through strength and might of a highly trained military and humility coupled with pragmatism.

Educational excellence springs from locally motivated leadership–not from Washington.

All my seasoned years of experience has provided me with the necessary tools for leading and writing law with common sense. My experience abroad has given me the awareness and respect for cross-cultural relations which ultimately helps me lead effectively in the modern globalized world.


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A Christian family man, business man, served three terms as a State House Representative…[Cam] is A Steersman for Hawaii.

Cranston Kapoi
Candidate for the Hawaii Legislature

A godly man of his words And maybe that is the one of the reasons Brian Shatz is avoiding a debate.

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@CamCavasso, who’s running against @SenBrianSchatz, has a gut-wrenching tale of loss and heartbreak. … @CivilBeat

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