Want to know where Cam stands on the issues? Here you’ll find his responses to many of the questionnaires that he has received and answered. His opponent, Brian Schatz, may be dodging a debate, but Cam Cavasso is ready and waiting to share his stance on all the issues that Hawaii’s citizens care about.


 thh-logo1) Under what circumstances should the United States send ground troops into Iraq and Syria as combatants in the current conflict with ISIL (or ISIS)?

When an enemy declares war on us, we should not pretend for public approval that we are not at war. ISIS is a serious threat, to the region, and to American security. If airstrikes prove ineffective (and they have) we must have the courage to engage at all levels to protect our interests, our allies, our people and our ideals. Anything less is either cowardice or political double-mindedness that will cost us more dearly in the future.

2) Do you agree with the decision to release the five Guantanamo prisoners in exchange for the release and return of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl? Why or why not?

Absolutely not. We released terrorists who will return to action and cost brave American lives in exchange for a deserter. Bergdahl deserted his comrades and turned his back on his country. We owe the soldiers he abandoned our support. We should have requested he be returned to the U.S. to be tried for treason.

3) What should the federal government do with the terror suspects being held at the Guantanamo Prison?

They should be released and Gitmo closed – just as soon as their comrades and leaders lay down their arms and agree to terms of surrender. Until then, they are legitimate prisoners of an ongoing war and their release threatens American combat troops and American civilians. Our security and safety demand they stay imprisoned.

4) In your eyes, is Edward Snowden, who leaked intelligence information while a technology contractor for the National Security Agency, an American patriot, or a traitor to his country?

I believe the families of the people endangered by his actions should get to answer this question. As an employee, he violated the terms of his contract. As an American he betrayed the trust of his country. Is he a hero? Consider who has protected and embraced him. No country is perfect. I believe we are better than any other, and try harder to stay that way. Where we fail, we work together to improve. We do not hand our secrets to our enemies. Snowden deserves to be tried as a traitor.

wht1. What is the number one issue facing West Hawaii and what will you do about it?

Our economy. Leadership in Honolulu and in Washington has failed us and we are all paying the price—out of every paycheck. Our energy costs, food costs, all costs are out of line with the rest of the nation and continue to rise. Governor Abercrombie, and his handpicked Senator, Brian Schatz, are devoted to a plan of high taxation, abusive regulation, environmental extremism and outdated laws and thinking that hurt every Hawaiian family every payday. By bringing our shipping costs under control, cutting taxes, stopping anti-energy programs that cause our gas and electric bills to skyrocket, and dismantling over regulation that strangles our small businesses and causes job loss—and did I mention Obamacare—I can help lead the way out of the Abercrombie/Schatz economical quagmire and restore prosperity to West Hawaii.

2. What infrastructure problems will you address and how?

Government’s job is to provide and care for our roads, bridges, tunnels, harbors, energy grid…I will see that as a Republican Senator in a Republican majority Senate, Hawaii again moves to the top in receiving the Federal funds to rebuild and renew our infrastructure.

3. What makes you the most qualified for the job?

Life experience. I am a successful small businessman, financial advisor, husband, father, grandfather, soldier, statesman, and canoe steersman. I know Hawaii’s people through five decades of working together.  I best represent the people who honor the values, differences, character, freedoms and responsibilities that have made us strong in family, state, and nation.


1.  What is your stand on the Same-sex marriage and why?  

Opposed. I support Traditional Marriage as the union between one man and one woman.  God created male and female as the bases for a family.  It is a sacred union and foundation to raise up children as a mother and father.

2.  What is your stand on Abortion and why?

Opposed. I am prolife.  Abortion is the taking of an unborn child’s life—a unique and individual life.  It is the government’s responsibility to protect innocent life.  Abortion should not be permitted except to save the life of a mother. I will vote to confirm judicial nominees that uphold the sanctity of life.

declare3. What is your stand on Physician assisted Suicide and why?  

Opposed. Healing and saving lives has always been the focus of medicine in America.  The Hippocratic oath, which all physicians used to swear to, said they would not administer abortifacient nor take life. Physician assisted suicide is a perversion of the doctor’s sacred role and should remain illegal.

4.  What is your stand on Gambling and why?  

Opposed. Gambling has destroyed many families and individuals.  It is addictive for many and damaging to society. We should be encouraging self-initiative and lifting people up rather than leaning on chance.

5.  What is your stand on the legalization of marijuana and why?  

Opposed. Marijuana, termed a gateway drug, tends to lead to other drug use and addiction.   I believe Marijuana use discourages initiative, negatively influences individual judgment, and is hurtful to families, individuals and commerce.

6.  What are your thoughts on Pono Choices?

Opposed. Pono choice is one of the worst attacks on our children, families and educational system I have ever witnessed. The content is completely inappropriate for the age of its target group (11-14 year old children).  Every resource available should be brought to bear to halt this program and its links.  The robbery of this wonderful word “Pono”, which means righteous (as in our State motto), is grievous. It has been used to camouflage a child destroying program, which is being forced down our educational system, against parents wills, by the Federal Government, in alliance with Governor Abercrombie.

7.  What are the three greatest things that you feel you can accomplish as a US Senator?

1) Protect and strengthen the family by protecting religious, educational and economic liberty; restoring control of our education system to parents, teachers and local administrators and away from the Federal Government; defending freedom of speech and adherence to our US Constitution and Bill and Rights.

2) Reduce our cost of living in Hawaii by obtaining a U.S. ship-build exemption to reduce freight costs; simplifying the tax code; expediting tourist visas to strengthen tourism; reducing federal regulations on businesses and homeowners; encouraging companies and businesses to base themselves in Hawaii.

3) Maintain a strong defense and military presence in Hawaii by supporting our military families and servicemen and women in Hawaii and overseas; maintaining the funding for a strong US Military–particularly in our central location in the middle of the Pacific; respecting, honoring and caring for our Veterans and wounded in a timely manner.

8.  Why do you want to run for U.S. Senate?

I am called to serve and make a difference in our state and nation.  My service started from my youth as student body president at Kailua High and also in ROTC.  I went on to serve as a U.S. Army Captain.  I started my own business at the age of 14, which continues to run today.  I served for three consecutive terms in the State Legislature and have been a financial advisor for 29 years.  I have watched the state of our nation worsen.  For the sake of generations to come we need new leadership to steer our nation back from its destructive course.  I have been an outrigger canoe steersman from my youth and I will be that steersman for Hawaii and the nation.

I bring to the seat a free enterprise, entrepreneurial value system built on the traditions that made Hawaii and America strong and prosperous.  I stand for the individual freedoms, family-centrist values, limited government, and freedom to speak and practice our individual religions.  I will fight for economic and educational rights without government intrusion or domination.

I want the people of Hawaii to be free and prosperous with a superior education system, strong families, and a tech and tourist economy that grows Hawaii.  I will bring Aloha and the perspective and experience of a Steersman for Hawaii to the U.S. Senate.  I cannot do it alone and I am asking for your vote and support.

fp1. Please introduce yourselves to our readers.

My name is Cam Cavasso and I am running for the US Senate.   I grew up here in Hawaii and started my first landscape maintenance business when I was 14.  I am an entrepreneur who works hard in multiple businesses or jobs like most Filipino families I know.   I served 3 terms in the Hawaii Legislature advocating conservative, family-orientated values of freedom to work and create business, protect our right to pray and live our faith and religion without hindrance, protect life and oppose abortion, protect marriage between one man and one woman and protect and develop our children through parental influence and leadership in education.  I served 5 years in the US Army and support a strong military to properly defend our nation.  I am 64 years old and married to the love of my life, Tula.   We have 5 children and 10 grandchildren. I have been seasoned and prepared to serve Hawaii through the trials and experiences in life—business, family, government, Military, sports, education and church.  I am a man of prayer who knows we cannot make it without depending upon the help, guidance and protection of our God and creator.

2. What have you been doing to get your name out to voters?

We have been sign waving, telephone banking, door knocking, etc. We have just completed our first week of television and have an aggressive internet, YouTube campaign. Also, unlike my opponent Brian Schatz I have appeared at every community, church and organizational forum to which I have been invited. Mr. Schatz has refused to debate or appear with me in a public discussion of issues.

3. Why did you decide to run for Congress?

I believe the people of Hawaii and our Hawaiian values have not been properly represented by the extreme liberal Representatives now in the US Senate. This especially applies to Mr. Schatz who was appointed, not elected, by the very unpopular Governor Neil Abercrombie in direct contradiction of Senator Inouye’s dying wish to appoint Colleen Hanabusa. Schatz represents the rejected views and leadership of Abercrombie. Furthermore, without a Republican representative in what will be a Republican majority US Senate, Hawaii will be powerless. Finally, I am pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage and pro-military.  Schatz opposes traditional marriage, a strong military, and supports abortion and Pono Choices.  I believe he is wrong for Hawaii.

4. How concerned are you with the U.S. Army’s proposed force reduction and what is your plan to offset the impacts on Hawaii’s economy?

It is very wrong to weaken our military and the impact on Hawaii’s economy will be disastrous. The fact that our President attempts this is a rejection of his Hawaiian ties and it is terrible that our Senators do nothing to stop him. Further, Hawaii is a key strategic target and to make us more vulnerable to attack, especially terrorist threats, is unconscionable. I would work with the majority Republican Senate and House to restore military strength and spending, and take better care of our vets. In addition, I would take several steps to strengthen Hawaii’s economy, the first being to gain an exemption from Federal Shipping regulations that are the reason our food costs almost twice as much as on the mainland and our electricity costs are three times higher. One simple act can fix that.

cam.family5. What is the most serious threat facing our nation? What is your answer to addressing this threat?

Under the Obama administration and with Democrat leadership in the Senate we see a new serious threat almost daily. A sinking economy, the disastrous health care law that raises health costs making it difficult to see a doctor, global terrorism, are all serious threats. Right now the most serious threat is ISIS and the spread of terrorism. The current leadership in Washington (including Schatz and Mr. Obama) are always too little, too late in recognizing and dealing with serious threats. We need to take stronger, surer, swifter decisive action before more Americans die in an unprepared for attack.

6. How should the U.S. deal with the threat from ISIS and other militant groups in the Middle East?

We must quit pretending that the threat isn’t real and that being nice will make it go away. It is past time to take aggressive, pro-active military action. To acknowledge that we are in a war and must attack and destroy the enemy. You cannot negotiate with terrorists and if they are not thoroughly defeated and destroyed they will rise again and again and attack and kill Americans.

7. Where do you stand on immigration reform?

America is a nation made great and strong by immigrants and we must welcome those who want to come and become true Americans. That said, we must also secure our borders, fix the broken system that is so backlogged that people seeking legitimate entry can become Americans more quickly, create a viable guest worker program and find a humane solution, not instant citizenship, for the millions of undocumented immigrants currently in our country.

8. What is the outlook for the U.S. economy? What should the government do to avoid facing another fiscal cliff?

The economy looks bleak and will continue to do so as long as we look to the Government and not ourselves and private enterprise for solutions. What Government can and should do is get out of the way – reduce regulations, cut the corporate tax rate so we are in line with the rest of the world, pass a balanced budget amendment, slash waste and excess so we do not burden our children and grandchildren with debt, create an environment that makes it easier to start and maintain businesses which will result in more jobs and dismantle the onerous tax burden called Obamacare. In addition, if we would return to sound money, such as the Gold Standard, it would stabilize our dollar and stop the Government from simply printing money whenever they want—it would return confidence to the economy and create a boom that would double our domestic growth.

9. How do you plan to address problems affecting Social Security and Medicare?

While Government spending is out of control, we must remain true to our promises and protect social security and medicare. Long-term solutions include raising the age of eligibility, and allowing some levels of private investment. My opponent, Brian Schatz has advocated removing the income cap on social security. That would result in one of the largest tax hikes in American history, crippling small business and costing thousands of jobs here in Hawaii. Congressional experts have derided his plan and say it has zero chance of being introduced and passed. It is just for show. Further, he has proposed raising the monthly payment $65. This is also laughable as it represents $45 billion more a year in payments, another unfunded mandate that will dramatically increase taxes for very little benefit. Gaining a Jones Act exemption for Hawaii, which Brian Schatz opposes, would save social security recipients $500 to $1000 a month, an act that would actually help much more in making it affordable to live in Hawaii.

10. What is your approach in working with colleagues, constituents and others who do not share your philosophy or values?

My mother was a Democrat, my father a Republican; I prefer to call myself a Hawaiian. In the Hawaii legislature I worked successfully with both parties and will do so in Washington. I oppose the one party political racism we see in Hawaii and in Washington. That said, my opponent, Brian Schatz is slavishly devoted to President Obama and to a single-minded Democrat liberal agenda. It is a fact of life that the Harry Reid led Democrat Senate, enthusiastically supported by Brian Schatz, has created new radical levels of partisanship in Washington. As a Republican majority takes over the Senate this year a junior, minority senator like Brian Schatz will have no voice at all and Hawaii will suffer. We need a Republican Senator to be certain that Hawaii has a seat at the table and only I can continue the legacy of federal benefits started by Senator Inouye.

11. Any last words on why the Filipino community should support you for Congress?

I have the highest respect for the Filipino community, its strong work ethic and family and religious values. Many in the Filipino community over the years have been the most reliable and faithful people I have come to know and trust and love. I feel I represent the values of the Filipino community far more thoroughly than Brian Schatz. I am pro-life, pro marriage, anti Pono Choice. This is in sharp contrast with my opponent Brian Schatz who is pro abortion, pro same sex marriage, pro Pono Choice, against religious liberty and the freedom to create business. I am a life long, entrepreneurial, hard working Hawaiian. I have built a landscaping business I started when I was 14 years old, which still operates today under my son Shem. I am a financial advisor for MassMutual, helping Hawaiian families secure their future and retirement.  We are the opposite in every way. I have the life experience and knowledge of real people in Hawaii to truly represent you and your values. Thank you for your support.

thh-logo 1. What should be done about the young children attempting to enter the United State illegally—and alone—from Mexico and Central America?

Children do best when they are nurtured by loving parents. Limited resources warrant that safe, cost effective measures be considered to restore children to their family whether it be from Mexico, Central America or another foreign country.

Leadership must communicate orderly immigration of families to come and be a part of this great nation of the United States of America.  Our immigration laws need equal opportunity and enforcement for all.

2. Should the Obama administration authorize construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline through the United State? Why or why not?

Authorization of such a pipeline would not only immediately create many jobs but the process of refining the crude for domestic and export purpose would stimulate manufacturing in the United States.  This in turn would increase economic prosperity for all, and reduce trade deficits with our trading partners around the world.  Pursuing independent sources of energy would decrease America’s dependence upon foreign oil and reduce the cost of living.

3. What do you think has been President Obama’s greatest accomplishment—and biggest failure—since taking office in 2009?

 When the president took office in 2009 many hoped for change and many changes were made to our healthcare and environmental regulations among other initiatives.  Much have failed due to lack of sound policies, its unintended consequences and poor execution.

 He has fundamentally changed our nation.  His policies have discouraged individual initiative and increased the control by—and dependence upon—the federal government.  His international policies have endangered and weakened the security and sovereignty of the United States.

pbn1. Have you worked in the private sector? If so, in what industry or industries, and for how long? What was the title of your highest position?

I have worked in the private sector in both finance and construction. I was the owner and manager of an erosion control/hydro mulching contracting company for more than 30 years, a business that I started at the age of 14 and a company that continues to run under the leadership of my son today. In addition, I have been a financial advisor with Massmutual Financial Group for 29 years and am a licensed contractor in the state of Hawaii.

2. The business community of Hawaii often feels that it is overregulated and over-taxed. Do you agree with this perception? Why or why not?

Yes, Hawaii is the most restrictive and difficult business environment in the nation. Business owners and entrepreneurs are used and abused by government bureaucracy and unreasonable restrictions. For many years Hawaii’s Government has added restriction upon restriction, regulation upon regulation and tax upon tax on Hawaii’s businesses, large and small. The Abercrombie/Schatz administration has added extreme environmental burdens and more aggressive regulation in both Washington and Hawaii. Hawaii government does not respect the fact that 70 percent of all jobs in Hawaii are provided by small business. The added burden of Obamacare will make these burdens even greater in the immediate future.

3. What do you intend to do at the federal level to make Hawaii a more attractive state in which to invest and do business?

As a Republican Senator in a Republican majority Senate I will be able restore Hawaii’s share of Federal investment. Further I will act on two very important levels. First I will work to reduce the unfair tax burden placed on businesses of all sizes. I will work with my Republican colleagues to dismantle the incredibly burdensome over regulation of the Obama/Schatz/Abercrombie administration and free Hawaii business from a regulatory stranglehold. Of particular impact will be the repeal of Obamacare, an exception to the Jones Act to bring our shipping costs into line with the rest of the nation and the world (having a tremendous impact across the board on Hawaii’s economy) and a rollback of the environmental extremism that is raising costs and crippling progress. At the same time I will initiate programs and legislation to create economic opportunity in Hawaii—an increase in Tourist VISAs, especially from Asia and development of a Hawaii technology base to create a Pacific Centered Silicon Valley…to cite just a few examples.

 saJob History Past 10 Years?

I am a military veteran who has worked for the past 29 years as a financial advisor with Mass Mutual Financial Group.

Ever run for office?  When? Outcome?

I was honored to serve three consecutive terms in the Hawaii State House of Representatives.  I was unsuccessful in a run for Lieutenant Governor in 2002.  I have previously challenged the long-term Senator Daniel Inouye for the U.S. Senate seat I am again seeking to be elected for.

Other civic experience or community service?

I was Student Body President of Kailua High. I served as a Captain in the United States Army.  I have sat on the board of at least three nonprofits.  I served three consecutive terms as a State Representative and have active in various civil affairs.

Anything else you’d like voters to know about you?

I am a native of Windward Oahu who grew up exploring, paddling, surfing and sailing.  I am an active waterman and outrigger canoe paddler.  Campaign theme: Steersman for Hawaii and the nation.

I love my beautiful wife Tula of 31 years, and together we have five children and ten grandchildren.

What makes you qualified to be US Senator?

I have been a leader who lives to serve, from high school, to becoming a military officer, and then in church, business and government.  I want the people of Hawaii to be free and prosperous with superior education system, strong families, and a tech and tourist economy that grows Hawaii.

Should the United States recognize a native Hawaiian government through an administrative rule rather than an act of Congress?

No, we are one people, one Hawaii.  Trying to create a tribal style nation would divide our people and be divisive and destructive for all of Hawaii.

What changes, if any, would you make to the federal health care reform law?

I will encourage an exemption for Hawaii so we can return to being on the leading edge of healthcare.    We should separate healthcare from insurance and create an insurance pool to help care for those with preexisting conditions.  Individuals should have the same advantages as given to employees in companies.

signs 2Should the federal government legalize marijuana, or should the decision be left to the individual states?

Marijuana should not be legalized; it leads to other drug use and is damaging to our young people and culture.

Should Hawaii be exempt from the Jones Act, the federal maritime law that protects the domestic shipping industry from foreign competition?

I support a U.S. ship build exemption that will lower the capital costs of ships by approximately $150m per ship, increase competition and grow jobs for U.S. citizens and Hawaii residents.   A ship build exemption will lower the cost of living for every Hawaii family and lower costs in business.

Would you repeal the Common Core curriculum standards for public schools?

Common Core is a federal intrusion on Hawaii.  Hawaii parents, teachers and administrators should control our education system without federal intrusion.  The federal government too often uses federal funding for states to control what should be decided by the people of a state.

What is your one big idea?

Reduce our cost of living in Hawaii through a five-prong strategy; 1) obtain a U.S. ship-build exemption to reduce freight costs; 2) simplify the tax code; 3) expedite tourist visas to strengthen tourism; 4) reduce federal regulations on businesses and homeowners; 5) encourage companies and businesses to base in Hawaii.

CivilBeat_Logo1.Why are you running for the U.S. Senate?

I can bring balance and perspective and varied experience from Hawaii to the US Senate.  I am a leader who has lived to serve and I am ready to serve again from having been student body president at Kailua High to a US Army Officer to running my own business to serving in our legislature to caring for my family, to being a professional financial advisor, it is now time to serve our nation.  I bring a free enterprise, entrepreneurial value system built on the traditions that made Hawaii and America strong and prosperous.  I stand for the individual freedoms, family-centrist values, limited government, and freedom to speak and practice our individual religions.  I will fight for economic and educational rights without government intrusion or domination.

I want the people of Hawaii to be free and prosperous with a superior education system, strong families, and a tech and tourist economy that grows Hawaii.  I will bring Aloha and the perspective and experience of a Steersman for Hawaii to the US Senate.

2. Do you believe climate change is real? If so, what can the United States do to control carbon emissions?

The science on climate change is not settled, many models proving inaccurate.  That being said, there are ways to minimize emissions, without damaging future economic opportunities and growth; for example through technology efficiency and utilization of solar, wind and geo thermal energy generation.

3. Where do you draw the line between the government’s national security needs and the privacy of its citizens?

A good place to begin is with our United States Constitution. Amendment IV of our original Bill of Rights states “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”  This practical limitation on government should not be violated because of a perceived need for national security in our homeland.

The Bill of Rights articulates well the protection of our citizens from invasion of our private rights by government.  The individual right to privacy, to personal security and from unreasonable government searches is imperative.  The NSA and other government agencies should not be permitted in these United States to delve into our communications without legitimate search warrants issued by judges on sufficient presentation of evidence.

4. Under what circumstances should America go to war?

Our US Constitution states in article one section 8 that Congress shall have the power to declare war.  Only when Congress so votes and upon approval by the President should we go to war.  Congress should not delegate this authority.  Defending our homeland and our citizens and our property from attack by our enemies and defending our allies against foreign intruders are legitimate causes for a declaration of war.

5. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid — how should the government continue to support these entitlements? Are reforms necessary?

We should continue to fulfill promises made to our elderly and current beneficiaries.  Yet for the sake of our future generations we must begin the process to wean ourselves off dependency upon Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits.  Reforms are absolutely necessary if we—our children and grandchildren—are to survive economically as a nation for future generations.  As a 29-year financial advisor I have helped many families transition from high debt to self-sufficiency—we can do the same as a nation.  The answer is a return to the responsible economic system of ingenuity, competition and balanced budgets.  Not the redistribution of wealth as some advocate—which in reality is stealing.  Removing incentive and reward weakens our people and kicks the foundation of prosperity out from under our nation.

6. Congress has struggled in recent years to reach agreement on budget deficits, the national debt and spending in general. What would be your approach to fiscal matters?

My approach would be a combination of   1) encouraging fresh economic activity and inventiveness to grow our economy; 2) encourage competition, private business and incentives reward for risk; 3) meet our constitutional obligation to maintain a strong military defense and provide for safety and protected freedom in commerce, transportation and communication; 4) reduce the size of federal government and eliminate waste, duplication and inappropriate spending; 5) privatize functions better managed by private competition; 6) return government functions to the lowest level reasonable; State, county and town level; 7) simplify the tax code considering a form of flat or simple tax;  8) require a balanced budget; 9) change the entitlement programs over time to reflect a debt free nation while meeting the needs of the truly needy;10) encourage international trade, tourism and commerce.

lokahi7. It has been difficult to bridge the partisan divide in Washington lately. How would you make a difference?

From the beginning I would listen and work to develop the places of common ground with all.   In my own family my mother was a Democrat, my father a Republican and they did well.   I prefer to call myself Hawaiian.  I would consistently make the effort to bring Hawaiian Aloha to Washington.  As a State Representative for three terms I was able to maintain this in our Hawaii Legislature and I call men and woman on both sides friends today.  I am a Steersman.  A Steersman cannot do it alone.  It takes the entire crew working together to make the canoe one team.  We are one nation.  I would work to be a steersman for Hawaii and the Nation.

8. What is your policy on immigration?

Immigration has been and continues to be one of the key means of prosperity and growth for us all.  Lawful and orderly immigration is good and welcome, while screening out those who would do harm to our people or nation. We’re a nation of immigrants.  America was born out of immigration, it is and should be a blessing but it should be an orderly and lawful process where they have the ability to provide for themselves or are provided for when they arrive.  A prerequisite to successful immigration policy is control of our borders.  This must be done first and quickly, then welcome orderly immigration of new people.

9. What is your view of the role of the U.S. military in the islands?

Our Military is a critical and key element to our safety and defense in the middle of the Pacific and the world.  Our military both local, national guard and from around the nation is an integral part of our society and State culture.  Our military—retired and veteran—is a fundamental part of our history and future.  Our Military is a vital part of our economy, jobs and prosperity.  Support of our military active duty and veterans, especially the wounded is imperative.  Support for our civilian employees, both active and retired, is honorable.  We welcome whole heartedly our military, and support them and encourage their maximum continued presence in this key strategic location for the safety of the entire country.  It is the responsibility of Congress and the President to maintain full funding for a strong military in Hawaii.  Peace through strength is a truism.

10. What other important issue would you like to discuss here?

Find solutions before 2017 to advance our healthcare system. Use the innovation waiver to bring the autonomy back to the State of Hawaii. Develop solutions to handle patients with preexisting conditions, and develop ways to satisfy the waiver which will complement successful portions of Hawaii’s prepay insurance act used prior to ACA(Obama Care).

CivilBeat_LogoWhy is this race important to you?

I love our nation, state and people.  We have been blessed by our forefathers who fought and sacrificed for our liberty and freedoms.  “Him to whom much is given much is expected”.  My family and I have been blessed beyond measure.  We are grateful and we can do nothing less than give and serve to the best of our ability.  Our nation is on a dangerous path under leadership that is compromising our security and safety from enemies who would destroy us by weakening our military defenses.  Our leadership has compromised financially and the mounting debt will leave our children and children’s children entrapped and impoverished.  This administration seeks an overreaching governmental control and usurpation of individual freedoms held sacred in our Constitution.  The Schatz/Abercrombie/Obama leadership is taking us down a dangerous path of self destruction.  I will steer us in a direction of liberty, safety, prosperity and character.

Why should the public care who wins?

I will pull back federal regulations and reduce our cost of living by cutting our food, gas and electric prices.  Brian Schatz won’t.  I’ll eliminate Pono Choices and get the federal government out of our schools.  Brian Schatz won’t.  I’ll get the government out of our healthcare system and return it to the number one healthcare system in the world. Brian Schatz won’t.

camandtulaphotoThe life of our land and the future of our children is at stake.  Cavasso and Schatz offer two diametrically opposed directions for our future.   I believe in one nation, national sovereignty, local control, free enterprise, competition, responsibility, and the right to strong individual and national defense.  I would lead us in a direction diametrically opposed to the current appointed US Senator Brian Schatz who seems to advocate internationalism, united nations control, big government dependence, weak military, high taxes, and breakdown of moral values that will destroy the integrity and core strength of our culture, the family.  He would make the individual subject to our government.  I would make the Government subject to the individual citizen.

What have you tried to do in this campaign to overcome the challenges of running as a Republican against a well known Democrat in a deep blue state?

First, I have striven to minimize party differences because I loathe the party division in our nation.  It is political racism.  I tell people that my mother was a democrat, my father was a republican and I just prefer to call myself Hawaiian.

Second, I have worked to establish simple name identification, a task that has proven daunting with limited finances.

Third, I have worked to show the clear contrast between Schatz and Cavasso by whatever means possible; TV, internet, speeches, etc.  We have petitioned for debates to clearly establish our differences, unfortunately, with out success.  This race is winnable by a person of my values when the people hear both sides presented clearly.  The press can and I believe should play a clear part in bringing the necessary knowledge to our people needed to make a wise choice based on truth rather than ignorance.  I am grateful for and respect Civil Beat for the part it has played in this search for accurate knowledge.  It is my hope the rest of the press will join in in these last few days.